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Our services

Structural Engineering

Structural Calculation

We design and calculate projects for different purposes and materials, aiming at a safe, economically viable construction and in compliance with the guidelines of the regulations in force.

We develop:

- Calculation memories

- Plans of structures

- Technical specifications

- Design of foundations

- Shoring

- Cost estimates and budgets

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Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Structural reinforcements

We know that it is critical to maintain the proper performance of structures, not only under static operating loads, but also during potential events such as earthquakes, wind, or snow.

Often, errors or omissions are made during the design or construction phase. Therefore, it is important to verify the characteristics of the structures on site in order to later make an accurate diagnosis of the structural pathologies detected. To develop a suitable reinforcement project for the customer.

Field advice

Our team has extensive experience in construction. We provide personal and on-site consultation to ensure successful work and meet the needs of our clients. We provide consulting services for projects:

- Industrial

- Commercial

- Housing

- Real estate

- Educational

- Public projects

- miners

Structural Review

We have an independent reviewer for structural calculations. The aim is to develop, in collaboration with the structural engineer of the project, a solid calculation project, economical and adapted to the current regulations.

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical and Detail Engineering

We have highly qualified professionals for the design and analysis of mechanical parts with fixed and/or moving components.

By using special software, we can simulate the behavior of mechanical parts and produce detailed technical reports.

Geotechnical Engineering

Soil mechanics

The study of soil mechanics is the base of the pyramid of any construction project. It allows to know the physical and mechanical properties of the soil in order to develop an optimal foundation project.

Our services include:

- Soil mechanics

- Geological surveys

- Geophysical tests

- Subsoil quality report

- Receipt of foundation seals

- Design of containments and shoring

Structural Calculation Projects

We have successfully developed public and private projects for various purposes such as: Residential, Commercial, Health, Industrial and many others. We invite you to quote your project with us.

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