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Structural calculation report: A fundamental component in structural engineering.

At Ingek, we are dedicated to structural engineering, engineering projects and construction safety, among others.Therefore, we want to dedicate this blog to a topic of great relevance in our field: structural calculation memory.

So, what is a calculation memory? Structural calculation reports are technical documents that detail the design and analysis process of a structure, from the definition of the loads to be supported to the verification of its resistance and stability.They are a crucial element to guarantee the safety and quality of civil engineering works.

group of ingek engineers working

The development of a calculation report requires a study of the project and the regulations.

Why are structural calculation reports so important?

  • Safety: They are the basis for verifying that the structure meets the requirements of current regulations and established safety requirements, such as standards NCh433 for the seismic design of buildings and NCh2369 for the seismic design of industrial structures and facilities.

  • Communication: They allow the design criteria used to be clearly and precisely communicated to all those involved in the project, from architects and engineers to contractors and competent authorities.

  • Traceability: They facilitate the traceability of the design process, allowing the decisions made at each stage to be reviewed and evaluated.

  • Optimization: They help optimize the design of the structure, looking for efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet safety and functionality requirements.

structural civil engineer using calculator

A clear, precise calculation document adjusted to current regulations is essential.

At Ingek, we prepare structural calculation reports with the utmost rigor and professionalism, using state-of-the-art tools and applying current regulations.Our goal is to guarantee the safety and quality of the structures we design, thus contributing to the development of sustainable and reliable civil engineering projects.

If you need to prepare a structural calculation report for your next project, do not hesitate to contact us. At Ingek, we have a team of highly trained engineers with extensive experience in the field of structural design.

Together, we can build a safer future.


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